At ForencisData, we offer a wide array of data-driven marketing solutions to our esteemed clients. For us, the privacy of data is paramount, and we strive to ensure our clients understand how and where we collect the data from. We adhere to all copyright, data, and privacy laws that deal with data and related communications.

Here is how we ensure privacy through our services:

privacy policy
1. Source of information:

We are a trusted and reliable B2B data solution partner for various businesses, both established companies and startups. Our solutions are based on accurate and comprehensive data, which helps our clients use their marketing strategies for growth and profits.

  • We collect data from users who visit our website and then engage in activities like creating a profile, signing up for a newsletter, downloading content, registering for a webinar. We request the information in accordance with the privacy policies.
  • We have collaborated with various data suppliers, agencies, and other business partners that provide us with data. The companies follow similar laws and rules pertaining to the privacy of data. It is against our policies to tie-up with any such company that doesn’t comply with the guidelines.
  • Besides that, we collect reliable data from other sources like social media, publications, subscriptions, surveys, and public databases.
  • We gather information from users who partake in information exchange programs and campaigns.
  • Our data also comes from contact cards, email headers and signatures, visiting cards in lectures, conferences, events, and promotions.

2. Information we gather:

We gather personal data that is used to identify and contact an individual. We ask the users to offer personal information when they contact our website or any other affiliated website. The information can include:

Name Job Function
Title Telephone Number
Company Name Email Address
Expertise Company Number

3. Use of information:

The data offered on our website as a product or service is served to our clients. Our customers can use the data in an appropriate and legal way for the advantage of their business. Besides that, we encourage the clients to use the data with full adherence to laws, rules, and regulations while using the data.

4. Payment Amendments:

We change or update our Privacy Policy from time to time. The new policy is updated on the website whenever there is any change. Our clients and other parties are requested to check this page to review the revised privacy policy.

5. Data Transfer And Storage:

All the information we gather is stored as well as processed in any country where we have our official business services and operations. The data governing policies can vary from country to country, and you must check the privacy policy of the country where the information is collected and where you reside.

6. Reliability:

We pride ourselves in taking all measures to ensure the data is handled securely, properly protected, and also transmitted securely. There is a secure infrastructure consisting of encryptions and firewalls to protect the data. Each of our employees is also well aware of the security guidelines, and they adhere to the privacy policy throughout the operations.